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Yesterday, President Obama marked his 100th day in office by getting out of Washington and going right to the heartland of America, conducting a town hall meeting in Arnold, Missouri. And last night, he came directly into the living rooms of millions of Americans in his third prime time press conference as President.

I hope you had a chance to hear from him yesterday about all we have accomplished. He's pleased with our progress, but not satisfied -- there's still so much left for all of us to do to achieve affordable health care, a 21st century education system, and a clean energy future.

The President puts it best himself, so if you didn't catch him yesterday, please take a moment to watch this video and share it with friends.

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The biggest challenges are still ahead, and meeting them will require all of us working together. That's why the President is depending on Organizing for America and people just like you to overcome the critics and the naysayers and to bring lasting change to America. So stay tuned for more ways to get involved -- this is only the beginning.

Please watch the President's remarks, and share the video with friends: