Subreption of  Compensation for  Jews


Bohdan Szewczyk

Press Representative


8 March 2007




     KEARNE, CABRANES, and STRAUB Circuit Judges


 American Congress


American Senate


Constitutional Tribunal in Poland


European Tribunal of Justice

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland


Re.: Subreption of Compensation from Poland to American Jews in the amount of


        $65billions and Up to $140 billions together from 20 other Eastern European




                   UNITET STATES COURT OF APPEALS   

                          FOR THE SECOND CIRCUIT

                              August Term, 2002


(Appeal April 15, 2003                                                                           Decided MAR -3 2006)

(Recommended June 14, 2004)

(Submitted September 10, 2004)




                                                 Docket No 02-7844





And GOLDIE KNOBEL, on behalf on themselves and all others similarly situated,


                                             Plaintiffs – Appellants








                                              Defendants – Expeellees


Before        KEARNE, CABRANES, and STRAUB Circuit Judges


     The appeal from the judgment of the United States District Court of Eastern District

Of New York (Edward R.Korman, Chief Judge) comes before us for the second time, see Garb v Republic of Poland, 72 Fed 850 (2nd Cir 2003) (summary Order) following remand from the Supreme Court, see Republic of Poland v Garb, 542 US 901 (2004), for further consideration in light of the Supreme Court Judgment’s in Republic of Austria v Altman, 541 US 677 (2004). On remand, we address whether the Plaintiffs  have established at least one statutory exemption to foreign sovereign immunity pursuant to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1076  (“FSIA”),28 USC par 1330,1602-1611, such that the courts of United States have jurisdiction to consider their claims. We hold that:


(1)   Altmann requests us to apply the FSIA, and its exceptions, to claims based on conduct that


Predates the 1976 enactment of the FSIA,


(2) Plaintiffs have not satisfied the “commercial activity” exception of the ESIA, 28 USC par


1605(a) (2), and


(3)      plaintiffs have not satisfied the “taking”  exception of the  FSIA ,28 USC par 1605(a) (3)



       Because plaintiffs have not established that statutory exception to foreign sovereign


Immunity applies to their claims, the Order of the District Court dismissing their suit for


The lack of subject matter jurisdiction is affirmed.        (Full Order- Docket No 02-7844)


In the light of the above citied orders neither Poland nor Austria is supposed to pay


Any compensation as the result of the Second World War.


That is not the case in he mind of White Collar Criminals acting under the umbrella of


special qualified privileges of World Jewish Congress, American Embassy in Warsaw


 and Polish Government.



From the date the Order was issued : 3 March 2006 till now, the Polish Prime Ministers,


former Marcinkiewicz and current, J.Kaczyñski& President L.Kaczyñski began intensive


meetings in Washington with WJC and in Israel.   To avoid the execution of the Order,


they created the Bill No.: 133 and filed it in Polish Sejm (Lower House of Parliament)


where it stays with the specially created commission. On 27 of February, 2007 leaders


of world wide Jewish organizations came to Poland and together with American


Ambassador set up secret meetings with Polish government officials in the


American Embassy in Warsaw to organize this subreption.


Following is  the group of people and organizations involved in this international scam:


University of Princeton Jan Tomasz Gross


Federation of Polish Jews in America, Kalman Sultanik


Jewish Telegraph Agency, Dinah Spritzer


Jewish Claims Conference, Gideon Taylor


Holocaust Restitution Committee, Yehudy Evron


 World Jewish Restitution Organization, Claims Conference, Israel Singer


CIA , Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and White House ,Sidney J.Zabludoff


 American Jewish Committee , Andrew Baker


Poland was represented  by:


President Lech Kaczynski


Prime Minister Jaros³aw Kaczyñski


President  of Sejm Marek Jurek


 Minister Anna Fatyga


Ryszard Schnepf



 These White Collar Criminals of subreption of money are welcome in Poland as


honourable Representatives, as heads of foreign state by the Polish officials although


during the last 10 years they defamed , humiliated and abuse the great Polish Nation. 


Aren’t the secret   meetings in American   Embassy the proof of involvement USA in


grabbing The Polish National Property?


By ignoring the Order of USA highest Court of the Land   American Citizens and


The American Embassy in Warsaw Poland abused the international law and therefore



American Embassy committed the tort of misfeasance in international, public office which in this case is intentional tort whose distinguish elements are twofold:

(i)                 deliberate unlawful conduct in the exercise of public functions ;and

(ii)               Awareness that the conduct is unlawful and likely to destroy economy of  Polish Nation     


 American Embassy violated  and abuse the qualified privilege of Diplomatic immunity  which  is a form of legal immunity and a policy held between governments, which ensures that diplomats are given safe passage and are considered not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution under the host country's laws (although they can be expelled). It was agreed as international law in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), though there is a much longer history in international law. Many principles of diplomatic immunity are now considered to be customary law.

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations is an international treaty on diplomatic intercourse and the privileges and immunities of a diplomatic mission. Adopted on April 18, 1961 by the United Nations Conference on Diplomatic Intercourse and Immunities held in Vienna, Austria, from March 2 to April 14. The Conference also adopted the Optional Protocol concerning the Acquisition of Nationality, the Optional Protocol concerning the Compulsory Settlement of Disputes, the Final Act and four resolutions annexed to that Act. Done at Vienna, on April 18, 1961. Entered into force on April 24, 1964.


Has American Embassy the right to interfere the business of sovereign state of Poland?


We believe that the staff of American Embassy and other citizens of USA involved in


this international scam should be recalled to USA as persona non grata


and also should be brought to the American justice.



During this meeting American were trying to get compensation second time. Between


 1948 to 1971 Poland signed agreements of indemnification with USA, GB,


France, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Luxemburg, Greece and


Sweden. On the base of these agreements, citizens of above mentioned countries


received Compensation from Poland as lump sum with the balance to be taken care off


by particular countries. (Dr.Waldemar Gontarski, expert on international law, prof.


Mariusz Muszyñski. Expert on restitutions)


It is obvious proof of Americans acting in bad faith - what defeats their Special


Qualified Privileges and therefore they should be treated by both international and


American   criminal law as common citizens.


 The oath of Polish officials oblige them to act  for the best interest of Polish


Nation and by betraying it -they should resign. “Somebody who cares more about the 


Interest of Jewish Organizations than their own country, is creating embarrassment


and disrepute for Poland internationally.  If somebody wants to day 100% of


Compensation, it means that they want 200% because 100% they were already paid!


( Dr Waldemar Gontarski)


 We are eternally grateful to American Justice System which rightly recognized


  the situation created by Second World War in Eastern Europe.  America should


be proud of having such  great  judges  as Mr.  KEARSE , CABRANE and STRAUB.


 After the SWW Poland and other Eastern European Countries were betrayed by allies


And delivered into slavery to Soviet Union.  Actual scam is organized by number of


White Collar Criminals who use institutions and organizations which have special





Qualified Privileges and Statutes allowing them to avoid legal prosecutions. This is world


wide problem created by very well educated and very  clever individuals who over smart


the judges of justice systems or the system is simply operating on the base of form and


rules of civil procedure ignoring the subject matter  of particular case . In the scale of


one country, in Canada , we have the case  Bohdan Szewczyk v Real Estate Council of


Ontario. In this case the American franchise, Re/Max is using RECO’s statute and


qualified  privilege to remove the thousands competitors from the market by means of


Criminal offence. Two judges of the Court of Appeal for the Province, both professors of


law could not or did not want to recognize properly the problem. The massive existence


of abuse qualified privileges in Canadian society caused the presentation of this case in


The Supreme Court of Canada.


Scam inside Jewish  Organizations.


This is next proof that we deal with white Collar Criminals. ( Israel Singer is involved)


The Jewish Federation from Switzerland ( FSCI) is demanding of return the funds from 


World Jewish Congress which were illegally transferred  by authority from Switzerland to


USA. After closing the office , WJC , transferred 1,2 millions to lawyer in Israel , than to


London and next to New York. Special research  and report made by prosecutor from


NY, showed that the accounting of WJC is a disaster and was made by hand. ( says


Prof. Alfred Donath of FSCI) Audit for WJC accounting was made by Price Waterhouse


Coopers  for years  1995 to 2004 showing  number of illegal transfers of funds.




 The representatives of Jewish organizations. and   their media are involved In


international  world wide defamation of Poland and Polish People to force them to pay



the Subreption (illegal  Jewish compensation). Reuter Agency 19 April 1996 ,Israel


Singer  says :”.. More than 3 million Jews died in Poland  and Poles will not be the


inheritors of Polish Jews. We shall harass them so long till Poland shall be


covered with the ice again. If Poland will not satisfy our demands, we shall


publicly humiliate and attack on the international forum “. They did. There is


common international knowledge that  NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS  ARE NOT




it many times in world wide media own by Jews- including  national  paper


Toronto Star in Canada.


By reminding you that Polish Nation took part in American fight for Freedom and


Independence through the service of brilliant military engineer Tadeusz Kosciuszko and


heroic death of Kazimierz Pulaski, we ask you to stop your American citizens from illegal


organizing the economic assassination of liberty and independence of Poland.



                                                                                                                      8 March 2007


Bohdna Szewczyk

 tel 905-873-0961

Press Representative




cc.  Polish Senators